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Scheduling: About Us


Our complete P2 Novice program takes approximately 10-14 days of fine weather. Typically, people start with 2 consecutive days of training ( akin to the 2 Day Intro Course ) and then continue as their schedule and the weather allows. We will do our utmost to remain flexible to your needs. Choose from 1 or more days at a time, spreading out your training over the season, or even multiple seasons, or you can come and stay for up to 3 consecutive weeks. People arriving from out of state often begin with at least 1, and up to, 3 weeks. Email us to schedule

Scheduling training for a weather dependent sport can be challenging. Here are some general flexibility guidelines:

  • We are open 7 days a week from April-October

  • To schedule, contact us and let us know which dates you are available

  • We’ll book you in for mutually free days and confirm a few days before that the weather is appropriate

  • First 2 Days

    • It’s possible we will have to reschedule if the weather doesn't cooperate.

    • We don’t have specific dates for starting. Bookings are made on a first-come, first-served basis

    • Your first 2 days at The Ranch are the most crucial to schedule as they require a lower student to instructor ratio.

  • Once you’re scheduled we will send you an email to help direct you into the gated property.

    • We don’t publically post access details as we operate on private property. You may only gain entry permission by means of a reservation- We do not accept walk-ins.

  • There is affordable lodging nearby; please ask for details if you’re interested.

Scheduling: Welcome


Paragliding is a very inclusive sport and enjoyed by a wide range of ages, physical shapes, and abilities. However, there are some considerations to acknowledge before enrolling at our school: 

  • Weight limits: minimum 110lbs to maximum 250lbs

  • Minimum 18 years old

  • Capable of short hikes 

  • Able to run for 10+ paces

  • Capable of jumping from a height of a few feet

Scheduling: Welcome


With each new training day being different from the one before, below is what you can expect on a typical day, with good weather conditions at The Ranch: 

  • Morning training session, 8:00am-noon:

    • We all meet at the classroom parking area 8:00 am, sharp.

    • If it's your first day, you will receive an introduction to our Ranch facilities, to your instructors, and to the flying equipment, followed by some paperwork. After a brief demonstration of your assigned gear, we will have you don a helmet and hook into a harness and wing. Here we'll begin with some basic 'ground-handling' to help you understand the importance of your control inputs. Once we confirm the weather is cooperating we'll head up to the training hills.

    • Ground handling training leads to a 'launch and landing' sequence where you will fly on your own while your instructor communicates with you by radio.

    • We will continue these low-level flights until you're ready to progress up to the higher training terrain.

    • Around noon we’ll take a mid-day break as the heated conditions are no longer appropriate for flight training.

  • Lunch break, 1-3 hours, varies.

    • We suggest you bring lunch with you unless you prefer the drive to town (approx 20 min)

    • This is often a good time to watch rated pilots take advantage of the more advanced conditions.

    • On most days we will conduct P2 ground school classes and work through the required USHPA written tests.

    • It's also time to relax and get ready for more flying!

  • Afternoon, 3:00 pm - 7:30 pm, varies with the season.

    • Now that the stronger conditions have settled down, we head back out to the hills to continue where we left off.

    • You’ll be working on launching and landing skills, as well as your in-flight techniques.

    • The fun continues until the sun drops low and the warm airflow, we’ve been using all day cools, slows, and eventually switches direction.

    • We'll then pack everything into the truck, return to the classroom parking area and store our gear away for the night.

    • You're off to eat, sleep and recover in readiness for another great day, even better than this one!

Scheduling: Welcome


In general, there is no specialized outfit you need to wear. Dress to be comfortable, as if you were spending the day out on a hike, and you will be set. Below are some more specific guidelines:

  • Top

    • Lightweight, long sleeve active shirts work best but cotton t-shirts are fine​

    • Sleeveless shirts are not recommended, because the harness rests on your shoulders and could be uncomfortable when rubbing on bare skin

    • A windbreaker or jacket (if windy/cold)

  • Bottom

    • ​Hiking / outdoors pants / jeans
    • Shorts are fine but should be long enough (mid-thigh) that they won’t bunch up short of the harness leg straps.

  • Shoes

    • Enclosed footwear

    • High, sturdy boots are fine if you're concerned about ankle support

    • Any outdoor athletic / hiking shoe

    • You will be moving around on uneven ground, mostly grass and loose dirt.

  • Bring​

    • Crushable hat/cap, when not wearing a helmet, the sun can be strong.

    • A pair of gloves (optional)

Lunch and possibly snacks, depending on what your appetite and energy needs are. There is a refrigerator available for storing food and drinks.

    • A book or computer to entertain yourself if desired during your breaks. We have Wifi. There is limited telephone reception at the Ranch however there is an available landline.

    • Sunscreen and sunglasses are highly recommended - there's limited shade on the hill.

Scheduling: Welcome
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