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$2900*, available 7 days a week, May thru October. (possible dates in April)  

*Includes a $600 credit towards a new paraglider!

This comprehensive course starts from zero or low experience and will qualify you to fly a paraglider on your own, without instructor supervision, under the requirements of the USHPA (US Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association)​. To complete the P2 Certification training typically takes 10-14 days. Depending on the weather conditions and the individual, occasionally more time and training may be required. If extending your training period is necessary we will discuss possible additional fees then. Your safety, knowledge, and enjoyment of paragliding are our highest priorities. 

  • The P2 pilot rating requires a minimum of 35 flights however, 45-65 are more commonly required.

  • When the weather is good, 6-12 flights a day are possible at The Ranch. 

  • Training also includes 8+ hours of ground school theory covering flight dynamics, weather, equipment, risk management, and other topics.

  • We supply all the paragliding equipment necessary for your training. This includes radios and helmets.

  • We anticipate that you will be keen to buy your own paragliding 'kit' by the end of the course, if not earlier ~ Any supervised flight training in your own equipment has many advantages. The latest, top-quality equipment will cost $4,700 - $5,500 only when taking advantage of the $600 Aerial Paragliding credit. This essential flying kit includes a brand new glider, harness, and reserve. 

  • Obtaining the P2 Rating will require a yearly USHPA membership of $150 and a one-time rating fee of $15 

  • Continued training beyond the P2 course is available when there is space in our trucks. It's typical for newer pilots to come out to the ranch for spring training and refreshers, these days are billed at $200/day or less. 

  • Advancing P3 (Intermediate) and P4 (Advanced) rating sign-offs are available to pilots completing our P2 (Novice) Course, at no charge.

  • The typical student is able to finish the requirements for a P2 rating in 10-12 days, these are a mix of flying, kiting and classroom hours. On some occasions students take longer. Aerial Paragliding reserves the right to surcharge $200 per day for days over 15 days of training if required. 

  • The sport of paragliding is not for everyone. It takes some level of athletic ability mixed with situational awareness and proper decision making. For the most part, those who have chosen to start training with us have what it takes to become safe pilots in the paragliding community. That said, occasionally, students attend aerial paragliding whom we determine we are not able to properly train to become safe pilots. Aerial Reserves the right to return any tuition paid and release the student from the school. 

Lessons: Welcome


$600- Only available Weekdays

This progressive introductory training course delivers the essential knowledge and techniques required to get you paragliding safely, your first day. Throughout, you'll experience the basic ABC's of the sport, necessary to develop, should you choose to advance to your P2 (Novice) Certification ~ see below for details. We understand that some may need a day or two to be certain the sport is right for them. For all those deciding to step up, the fee for this 2 Day Intro Course is then fully credited towards attaining your P2 Certification!

  • This Intro Course is designed for those with zero experience as an introduction to the incredible sport of Paragliding.

  • You will be introduced to the equipment, receive ground school instruction, and take your first solo flights!

  • With assistance, you'll start flying from our small "bunny slopes", and work up to the higher terrain.

  • All the necessary equipment is supplied for this course.

  • The goal of this course is to get your feet off the ground, literally! We'll look to answer all your questions and help you decide whether or not paragliding is for you.

  • We do not generally sign off P1 (Beginner) Ratings following this course. The P1 Rating is only a license to learn under supervision and is not required during P2 training with Aerial Paragliding.

Lessons: Welcome


At Aerial Paragliding, we are appointed by the USHPA to assess the skills, knowledge, and experience of those pilots who are ready to further their flight ratings to P3 (Intermediate) and P4 (Advanced) Certifications. 

  • Additionally, rated pilots looking to revise their skills safely, under expert supervision, perhaps after some time away from the sport, or when deciding it's time for a trained eye to help adjust some problematic technique, we are here to help. Depending on your needs, a day visit may be all you'll require to get you and your confidence soaring. 

  • We also offer private course instruction for individuals and groups.

  • If your inquiry pertains to SIV, Thermal/XC, Speed Flying, or Paramotoring, we are happy to put you in touch with our respected industry experts. Call or email to discuss. 

Lessons: Welcome
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