2-Day Intro Course

Weekdays $400 Weekend $475

This course is designed as an introduction to the sport of Paragliding. During this course you will be introduced to the equipment, basic ground school, and take your first flights. With hands on assistance, you'll start flying from a very low, shallow slope and work up to higher and higher flights as your skills increase. The goal of this course is to get your feet off the ground and give you the ability to make an educated decision as to whether or not the sport of paragliding is for you. It is also possible to qualify for a P1 rating with the completion of the Intro course. If you decide to continue with your training, the introductory course fee will be applied towards the P2 course fee. All equipment is supplied for this course.

Novice Certification - P2

$1850 ($500 credit towards gear)

The Novice course will start out as the 2 day Intro Course, then continue on to develop your skills and knowledge. The training process takes from 7-14 days, sometimes more depending on weather conditions. The P2 rating requires a minimum of 25 flights. When the weather is good, 6-12 flights are possible in a day. Students typically have 35-50 flights when they get signed off. When the conditions allow, we fly as much as possible, if conditions are poor for flying but appropriate for ground handling the glider, or kiting, you will generally get in at least four hours. The course will also include at least 8 hours of comprehensive ground school on paragliding flight, weather, reserve parachutes, equipment, risk management and other related topics. With the course you will receive a reference book, study manual and log book. We also supply the necessary paragliding equipment needed during your training.

Although the course will include the use of equipment, it is preferable that you purchase your own equipment as soon as possible. This will make the training process easier and makes the transition into solo flying smoother. We offer the $500 credit towards a new set of gear to encourage you to purchase your gear through the school, which is going to ensure you get the best possible gear fit, as well as supporting your school so we can continue to support you! You should expect to spend between $4500-$5200 on equipment, for a glider, harness and reserve. There are a few smaller items, some are optional, but are relatively small ticket items. There are paragliding specific helmets, however ski helmets are commonly used and are very affordable, and many people already have one. If you don’t have the budget for new equipment, you can talk to us about options for used gear, which we sometimes have available, or we can help you find the correct size and level. Please DO NOT buy gear online without input from an instructor, we see people getting the wrong equipment much too often.


The scheduling is as flexible as the weather is variable. We are available everyday of the season, starting in April and ending in October, the exact dates vary depending on weather and road conditions. To schedule, call or email, 509-782-5543 or info@paragliding.us, and let us know what dates you are available, whether it’s a specific time frame or weekends or certain days of the week and as long as there are openings, we’ll put you down and then have you check a few days ahead to make sure the weather is going to cooperate. As Paragliding is weather dependent, and we require fairly light winds at our site, it’s possible we will have to reschedule or only get part way through the intro course and have to finish another time.

We don’t have specific dates for the intro course, they’re on a first come basis, so if someone wanted Monday/Tuesday then others would be scheduled for the same, or they could do the Wednesday/Thursday or Thursday/Friday. The weekends are simple, Saturday and Sunday, we can’t spilt up weekends for the intro course, Friday/Saturday or Sunday/Monday aren’t an option. The first 2 days, or the intro course is the most difficult to schedule as we have more limited space, it takes more one on one work and we only take 2-3 students per instructor. After that, as you’re working toward your Novice License, we can work with more people and it’s easier to schedule, though there is a limit so each person can get the attention they need. Once you’re scheduled we will send you the final directions to the property and the building where we meet at 8am. We don’t post these as it’s on private property so you need permission by means of a reservation. There is affordable lodging near by; please ask for details if you’re interested.

Unfortunately, we have changed our policy and can no longer accept minors. Otherwise there is not an age restriction. We do have a weight restriction of 230 pounds, as this is as high as our training gear reaches. If you exceed this but are in good shape and very interested in pursuing the sport, please contact us to discuss options. You do need to be capable of short hikes of a few minutes for the first day and jumping from a height of a couple feet (though unlikely). If you have questions about your ability to learn the sport, please contact us for more information.

Thank you for your interest in our school, we look forward to getting you in the air!

Denise Reed